Churchdown Surgery Updates – 16th June 2021

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Our vaccinations are still going strong and we have invited all over 18 year olds for their first vaccine!

You can contact our covid vaccination team on 07436 030 790 or 07436030258 between the hours of 10:30am and 16:30pm if haven’t received your invitation yet for your covid vaccine.

Hospital Appointments

In order to get more information about the progress of a hospital referral or appointment you can do so by contacting the Central Booking Office which is open from 8:30am – 16:30pm Monday to Thursday or 8am to 4pm on a Friday. This can be accessed via you can email or phone Gloucester Royal on 0300 4222222 and ask for the central booking office.

Let’s continue to keep each other safe, especially with the Delta variant circulating, and remember Hands, Face, Space, Fresh Air! ..and get your Covid vaccine!