Opening Hours

We are currently closed.


Telephone Lines

The phone lines are closed between 13:00-14:00 daily although access to the building remains open, except on Fridays when the phone lines and building are both closed. Every third Wednesday of the month the phone lines will be off between the hours of 13:00-15:00 for staff training.

Extended Hours

  • Monday – Thursday evenings, 18:30 – 19:00
  • Wednesday and Friday mornings, 07:30 – 08:00

These appointments are pre-bookable and for patients who commute or are unable to leave work during the course of the day. This is not a walk in/emergency clinic for any appointments. If an emergency arises please contact the Out of Hours service or Emergency Services as appropriate.

Staff Training

The surgery team take part in staff training which means the surgery will be closed between 13:00 – 16:00 on the following dates.

  • February 16th 2022 – Templates/ Care Navigation Training / Nurses Meeting
  • March 16th 2022 – Fire Evacuation and TeamNet staff training
  • April 20th 2022 – PCN collaborative learning, introduction to new roles and shared services
  • May 18th 2022 – Quality and Improvement for patients
  • June 15th 2022 – Health and Safety training
  • July 20th 2022 – Fire and BLS training
  • August 16th 2022 -Workplace Wellbeing
  • September 21st 2022 – TeamNet and Clinical system training
  • October 20th 2022 – Red flags to be aware of and care navigation updates
  • November 15th 2022 – Adult Safeguarding level 3
  • December 14th 2022 – Upcoming focusses for the new year

Out of Hours Service

NHS 111 handles medical emergencies outside the normal working day and can be contacted free of charge by telephoning 111. We will receive information from the out of hours service about any contact you may make with them.

Out of hours services are generally busy so please think carefully before asking to see a doctor and only do so if you genuinely cannot wait until the surgery re-opens.

In an emergency you should call 999. Chest pains and / or shortness of breath constitute an emergency.