Non-NHS Work

It is not possible to provide all services under the National Health Service.

If a patient requires for example any medical information for housing, benefits, schools, exams, universities, nurseries, work, a written request must be submitted to your usual GP (preferably from the requesting organisation e.g. school, work, benefits dept.) explaining the exact nature of the information required, with the consent of the person concerned.

A fee ranging from £16.50 – £58.50 dependant on the nature and complexity of the request will be charged for this service and is payable in advance. Any request will be ready for collection after 5 working days from when the payment is received. However, as this is a non NHS service, GPs are under no obligation to undertake this work as NHS clinical work is their priority.

The practice does not complete driving licenses, passport countersignature and shotgun certificates.

For more information on Non-NHS fees please view our fees and charges document.