Churchdown Surgery Updates – 9 June 2021

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We are now vaccinating 20-29 year olds!! So if you are in this age group make sure you accept your offer to receive your vaccine. Equally if you have been invited for your 2nd vaccine, do ensure that you get your jab in order to protect yourselves and others against Covid and the delta variant.

If you had your 1st AstraZeneca vaccine at Churchdown Community Centre and haven’t yet booked your 2nd please contact our booking team on 07436030258 today. You need to have 8 weeks between doses.

Thank you for those who completed the survey helping us to develop our ‘new normal’ going forwards, your feedback has been very useful! This survey is now closed, and we shall endeavour to update you with updates to our new ways of working.

Let’s continue to keep each other safe, especially with new variants of concern, and remember Hands, Face, Space, Fresh Air! ..and get your Covid vaccine!