Churchdown Surgery Updates – 7 October 2021

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Recently we have been struggling with staff sickness and being short-staffed at the surgery – thank you for your patience with us during this time.

Here are a few updates of what’s happening:

Vaccine Clinic Update

Our Flu and Covid vaccine clinics are going at full speed at the Churchdown Community Centre!

Eligible patients should have received their invite, or shortly will do.

For enquires and COVID bookings please call 07436030790 and 07436030258, 07917920914 and 07917920913. These will be on and answered when booking is active 09:30 – 3:30. The community centre are unable to answer vaccine queries so please use the numbers above.

12–15 year olds – only those immunocompromised or household members of immunocompromised can be vaccinated at the Churchdown Community Centre.

16–17 ¾ are only eligible for 1 vaccine; 17 ¾ + are eligible for 2 vaccines.

Immunocompromised patient invites for 3rd doses have already started.

Telephone System

Our new telephone system has been installed! Although there have been a few glitches this is now up and running with the expectation that this will improve telephone access to our surgery. We appreciate your patience during this time.


We have 3rd and 4th year medical students from Bristol University as well as Sarah our student nurse with us at the surgery! You may be asked if you wish to have a consultation with a student (supervised) as part of their training – we’re proud to be a training surgery in helping to shape our future doctors and nurses!

Blood Bottles

The blood bottle national shortage is improving but not back to normal yet with guidance still in place. We hope this to be fully resolved in the near future and have increased our phlebotomy at the surgery in accordance with national guidance.