Flu Vaccinations

Adults Flu Vaccinations

You should have the flu vaccine if you:

  • are 65 years old or over
  • are pregnant
  • have certain medical conditions
  • are 18-64 and on an ‘at risk’ register and meet set criteria
  • are living in a long-stay residential care home or other long-stay care facility
  • receive a carer’s allowance, or you are the main carer for an elderly or disabled person whose welfare may be at risk if you fall ill

Frontline health and social care workers are also eligible to receive the flu vaccine. It is your employer’s responsibility to arrange and pay for this vaccine.

Children’s Flu Vaccinations

A flu vaccine will be available free on the NHS for eligible children, including:

  • children aged 2 and 3 on the date set by the guidance received
  • all primary school children
  • children aged 2 to 17 with long-term health conditions

Children aged 2 and 3 will be given the vaccination at their general practice, usually by the practice nurse.

Children who are 4 years old are also eligible for flu vaccination provided they meet the correct criteria. These children should be offered the vaccination at their general practice.

Primary school children will be offered their vaccination in school.

2020 Coronavirus Government initiatives

There are suggestions that the NHS may will be vaccinating all of the 50-65 age group but we have not received official mandate or notification of this yet. If you are aged between 50-65 and would like to be vaccinated before an NHS release date you can visit your local pharmacy who will be able to offer you a flu jab at a set fee.